A note from the inventor and CEO

I always heard my grandfather reminding me before leaving, “don’t forget your safety stripe” he’d check us every time we left at night. It was like wearing a helmet whilst riding a bike. From a young age, proper nighttime safety gear was embedded in my routine.

Some friends would poke fun at me, others just didn’t wear them, no one seemed to care about nighttime safety gear. Was my grandpa just a scared old man? Were they even necessary??

We did some research, and the numbers were astonishing. On average, 45,000+ people are struck by cars yearly, 95% of those happen at night! Grandpa was right and I felt it was my duty to get his message out. We started by reinventing the one thing most of us wear daily, our belt.

Now as a father of my own children, that same concept of keeping safe after dark stayed with me, whether it’s riding their bike home from a friend’s house, or walking home from temple. 

As a manufacturer, I started to think, could I design something better? One day, while discussing it with my wife, we came up with the Reflect Belt.
It just clicked, kinda like a light bulb.

A product that we actually needed ourselves for our kids! With much excitement and heaps of R&D, we released our hero product, the reflect belt.

This belt is built for everyone who’s out after sundown. Men, woman, children or even pets. This belt saves lives.

Reflect Belt

(6 customer reviews)


* Fashionable, safety gear.
* Reverse to reflect.
* Durable, quality materials.
* Functional design.
* EZ fit, removable buckle.
* Stand out after dark.
* This belt saves lives.
* Give the gift of Safety
* Patented design.

Why choose reflect belt?

  • Avoid getting hit
  • Never forgotten
  • Look fashionable
  • Daily Accessory
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  • Reflect Belt


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    6 reviews for Reflect Belt

    1. Mark P.

      This belt is amazing. My husband always says that hed rather DIE then go out in reflective gear. Finally someone made something thats wearable. We love our reflective belts, we even jog in them regularly cause he says they are “less of an eye sore” then regular reflective gear.

    2. Marc Teitelbaum

      Super bright reflective stripe. Wear it every night when walking home from work, makes me feel more secure as we don’t have sidewalks in Monsey.

    3. Hanna G.

      Would have given this 5 stars but it took a few minutes to figure out the size changer. Might be my weak hands so if so, i’m sorry. Belt works as promised, reflective stripe is bright, fists perfectly now that we figured it out. Looks like any other standard leather belt.

    4. Avi H.

      This product is a game changer. Ive been wearing vests home for the past few years. I no longer carry a vest, the revers-able functionality is awesome. Really works the way they say it does. Great product!

    5. Daniella M.

      Bought this for my hubby! Feel alot better when hes wearing it, especially when hes walking home from work. Keeps him safe and reflective!

    6. Dennis

      Best reflective product ive ever purchased. Functions as a normal belt! 10/10!

    • Your family and friends are safer when wearing this belt.
    • No more bulky reflective wear. Just get dressed as usual and you’r good to go.
    • Jacket covering your belt? No problem. Remove the belt, reverse it and buckle it across your chest like a sash.
    • Fashionable by day, safe at night. Just reverse it! Keeps it light and easy.
    • An easy accessory that doesn’t get lost or forgotten. Especially great for kids.
    • The belt comes in various sizes, ranging from youth, all the way too XXL.
    • Safety gear is usually bulky and cumbersome. Our product is lightweight and convenient.
    • Car troubles? Remove your belt and place it on your rear bumper. Simple and secure.
    • The belt is fully customizable, with an EZ fit removable buckle, click open and cut to get your perfect fit.
    • Act fast and grab the only fashion accessory that’s guaranteed to save lives.
    • Give the greatest gift, the gift of safety.
    Size M – 32/36, L – 36/40, XL – 40/46, XXL – 46/52
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